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Dr. Mehdi Shams, O.D.

Dr. Mehdi Shams is the founder of Dr. Shams Eye Clinic; he graduated from Tehran University medical school in 1976 with an MD degree and afterwards completed a four year residency at Tehran University department of Ophthalmology in 1980. He practiced Ophthalmology in a busy successful practice in Karaj, Iran for many years before immigrating to Canada.

He successfully completed a fellowship in Retina at ophthalmology department at Stanford University in 1993. He later on attended University of Toronto and completed another fellowship in Ocular Oncology in 2003. Dr. Shams obtained his Optometry degree from Waterloo University in 2004 after successfully passing the Canadian Optometry Board Exams. Dr. Shams is a member of ‘’American Academy of ophthalmology’’ and “Canadian Ophthalmology Society (COS)”.

Dr. Shams has extensive experience in fitting specialty contact lenses including Multifocal and Kerataconus lenses. He enjoys providing quality care using the latest technologies to his patients in a friendly caring atmosphere.

He enjoys spending time with his wife (Dr. F Mansoorifar) and two daughters. His first daughter is a Physician and the second one is an Optometrist from Pennsylvania college of Optometry, living and practicing in United States.

Dr. Shams is a very active in karate, holding a Dan-9 black belt and Dan-6 Judo, as well as outdoor activities such as Bicycling, Kayaking, Mountain climbing, Rock climbing, Hiking, Swimming, Snow skiing and Water skiing.

Dr. F. Mansoorifar, O.D.

Dr. Fatemeh Mansoorifar, Graduated with a master’s degree in political sciences in 1976 from Tehran University; She continued her education and completed a four year degree in Optometry at Iran medical sciences University in 1998. She worked as an optometrist for several years before immigrating to Canada. She attended the International Optometric Bridging Program and successfully became a Doctor of Optometry in Canada in 2004. Her expertise is in primary eye care and providing routine good vision examination. She is an expert in all kinds of glasses and contact lens fitting including specialty and keratosonus contact lenses; she also has extensive experience in the management of the eye care clinic. Her greatest joy as a doctor is helping patients maintain their eye health and see their world clearly. She was the first foreign-trained optometrist to challenge the optometry licensing process for foreign-trained Optometrists in Canada. It was because of her great efforts and diligence that the parliament of Canada passed a bill in support of foreign-trained ophthalmologist and optometrist. This enabled them to practice in Canada after passing the relevant examinations.

Dr. M. Kimiagaran, O.D.

Dr. Mahindokht Kimiagaran Was born in 1953 in Tabriz, Iran, She started her medical education in Behsheshti University in 1971 and accomplished her medical degree as a top student of the entire school; hence, she was accepted directly in ophthalmology program at the same university.

She worked as an ophthalmologist for 28 years, serving poor people in southern districts of Tehran, Naziabad.

In 2008, she immigrated to Canada and successfully passed Optometry Board Exam at Waterloo University within one year of her arrival. She has been working as a doctor of optometry in Aria Clinic (Dr. Shams and Associates) since 2009. Dr. Kimiagaran enjoys providing quality eye care and educating her patients about their ocular health in a compassionate informative manner.

Dr. Roxana Gangi, O.D.

Dr. Roxana Gangi, Graduated from Ahvaz University of Medical Science in 1989 and worked several years as a family physician. She completed her four years of residency training in Ophthalmology at Rasoul Akram Hospital in Tehran in 1998. After successful completion of Iranian Ophthalmology Board Examination, she started practicing as Ophthalmologist as well as lecturer and assistant professor at several medical clinics in Tehran. She also established her own private practice in two different locations in Tehran at the same time.

She has over 12 years of experiences in different fields of Ocular diseases with special focus on Diabetic Retinopathy, ARMD, GLAUCOMA and Ocular surface problems (Dry Eye Syndrome). She also has outstanding refractive capabilities due to her many years of expertise in “LASIK-LASEK-PRK” surgeries in several well-known Clinics in Tehran, Iran.

After migration to Canada, she completed her professional training in Optometry at the University of Waterloo. She passed the Board Examination (CSAO) in 2011 and became a member of “College of Optometrists of Ontario”.

Dr. Gangi has extensive experience in the treatment and management of eye disease, advanced contact lens fitting and the post-surgical care of cataract and laser vision correction patients.